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Software engineer job description

Software engineer job description:

1,Bachelor’s degree or above, electronic industry embedded software developing work experience at least 2 years.

2,Master with the embedded C or C++ language, and with communication fundamental principles.

3,Master with the embedded Linux system for programming, understanding the device driver, be acquainted with common programming bank, unless one of the Ot\Gtk, and with fine programming style.

4,Master with TCP/IP, serial port communication and be related protocol analysis.

5,With high learning ability, easy for communication, team cooperation.


Hardware development engineer job description:

1,Bachelor’s degree or above, computer or electrommunication major, at least 3 years working experience about computer \ website maintenance.

2,Familiar the computer hardware, could take responsibility about the hardware structure design and program implementation, deal with the computer hardware technology problems during the working time.

3,Depend on the device situation researching data, establishment terminal equipment upgrade maintenance plan and implement.

4,Be with high responsibility\service awareness\communication skills\team-work spirit.

5,Could take basic operation training for clients, let the client could use terminal equipment and deal with some easy problems independently.

6,Could work under the major pressure, be with strong curiosity, serious and responsible attitude, with team-work spirit.

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