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NW-CSM Portable

Monitor Standard:

Product: Portable Depth of Anesthesia Multi-parameter Monitor

Type: NW-CSM Portable

Physical Property:

Structural Style:Portable

Weight:130g(with battery)


Electric Parameter:

Power Supply——200-220V  50/60HZ

Battery Supply——9V ni-mh rechargeable battery

Battery Service Time——≧6h

Parameter Characteristics:

CSI: connected with the sensor will be displayed in 2-6s, 0-100 range scale, updated per second, displayed the depth of anesthesia;

BS%: 0-100 range scale, updated per second, the reference index for anesthesia dosage;

EMG: 0-100 range scale, updated per second, reflect the noxious stimulation about the patient, indirect reflect the muscle relaxation degree;

SQI: 0-100 range scale, updated per second, reflect the EEG index quality ,include collecting and transferring;

Other Property:

EEG sensitivity——±400uV

Sampling Frequency——2000times/second

Artifact Exclude——Automatic

Warning function——Adjustable bound

Sensor——Specialized disposable depth anesthesia sensor

Input Resistance——<100MΩ

Lead wire length——Total length 195cm/77”,Connection part length 35CM/14”

Data storage——The storage capacity have 18 hours.

Security Standard

Security Level——Interior power supply, II class, BFtype

Security Standard——EN IEC60601-1(GB9706.1)