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Operation Principal:

Before have surgical operation, the patient need different dosage of anesthetic make them enter sleep state, because everyone have particular situation, and during the operation have different stimulation. For release the patient awake times which also called awareness during the operation, and making the patient quicker restore and lower bad effective.

NW-9005 Depth of Anesthesia Multi-parameter Monitor is using the EEG wave reflect the patient calm degree, and give the muscle release grade indirectly.

Main Function:

It is adopting for adults, children and newborns, which could reflect the CSI, ECG, NBP, SpO2,Resp and Temp, also with 8 wave lines and all monitoring information.

Product Structure:

NW-9005s Depth of Anesthesia Multi-parameter Monitor is made of the main engine and the CSM modular.

The main engine is consist by the sensor, pre-amplifier and computer systems, the physiological signals is transferring to electronic signals by the sensor, then send them to the computer system for calculation by the pre-amplifier for display, storage, print and management.

The CSM modular is consist by the sensor, wire lead, self-adaptive neuro-fuzzy logical classifier and computer systems, it is collecting the ECG signals frequency, then send to the neuro-fuzzy logical deduction systems, make the depth of anesthesia turn to index of 0-100 scale.