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NW-9006 Physical Property:



Display Screen: 10.4' LCD

Product Presentation:

The Fetal\Maternal Monitor could monitor fetal\maternal\newborn that satisfy the difference requirement of antenatal\births\postpartum, offering more precise diagnose and processing data for surgical operation; it not only could exclusive use but also connect with the obstetrics monitoring system using the net-work connector.

Function characteristics:

1,The screen is 12.1 or 10.4 inches color ultrathin HD reversal one( 12.1 inch include NW-9009、NW-9006、NW-9003, and 10.4 inch include NW-9006、NW-9003)

2,Concealed handle for convenient move and transportation

3,Specialized 12 chips wide beam impulse wave and 1MHZ Doppler probe, the inspection is more sensitiveness and could catch more signals.

4,Fetal heart rate(twins selectable) 120-160bpm, normal range marking.

5,Specialized probes frame for protecting them no damage.

6,It could display and print the fetal activity graphs simultaneously.

7,Standard huge capacity rechargeable lithium battery, no more worries about the blackout situation.

8,TCP/IP connecting technology, cable or wireless networking, keep the network more stable and no more data losing.

9,Humanity wall-hanging design, saving the installation space

10,Insert 210mm wideness thermal printer, the wideness could choose of the 112mm、150mm and 210mm.

11,The three kinds of displays could handle with the antenatal\births\postpartum different requirements.

Basic Performance:

Security type:classⅠclass CF type, according with the IEc60601 standard.

Power Supply:100~240VAC50/60hz

Battery:14.8V, 2500mah lithium battery

Fetal heart rate(twins selectable)

Ultrasound probe:12 chips, wide wave, high sensitivity, impulse wave.

Working frequency:1MHZ(+/-5%)

Launching power:3Mw/cm

Measurement range:50~240bpm

Curve speed:1、2、3cm/min adjustable

Fetal heart volume:0-7 grade adjustable

Uterine contraction pressure

Range of measurement: 0-100 relative unit

Resolution ratio: 1 unit

Un-linear error: in the +/-8%.

Uterine contraction pressure basic line: 0、5、10、15、20 adjustable

Fetal movement

Measurement method:Automatic fetal movement measuring( using the Doppler theory), manual operation fetal movement marking.

Automatic fetal movement measuring range:In the range of 0-100 could draw the fetal activity intensity graph and have add up function.


Lead:(RA、LA、LL、RL、V)standard 5 leads

Lead type:I、II、III、avL、avF、V1-V6

Transmission gain:x0.25、x0.5、x1、x2

Non-invasive blood pressure

Measurement mode:hunting way

Operation mode:manual operation, automatic, continue.

Measurement parameter:systolic/diastolic/mean blood pressure

Automatic measuring interval time:0-300mmHg

Overvoltage protection:Soft hardware dual-overvoltage protection.

Oxygen saturation

Digital SPO2, anti-low temperature, soft priming, anti-exercise interference.

Measurement range:0%-100%


Measuring precise:70%-100% In the range of +/-2%