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Vibration Sputum Discharge Apparatus

NHZ-01 Series

Product Standard:

Product: Vibration Sputum Discharge Apparatus

Type: NHZ-01

Operating Principle:

Vibration Sputum Discharge Apparatus designed by the clinic treatment, have obvious affection for the small airway secreta and metabolic waste in eliminating interior bronchus, the treatment head by the mechanical vibration way causing the specific oriented periodic variation comprehensive therapy power( vertical force & horizontal force). Vertical force----making the respiratory tract mucosa surface mucus \metabolite slack \liquidation through raping and vibrating activity on body. Horizontal force----making the liquidation mucus in the bronchus through orientation shoving then excluding out the body by the squeezing and quivering force)

Product Function:

Accelerating the excreta and sputum eliminating;

The remission of the bronchus smooth muscle spasm;

Promoting the partial blood circulation, accelerating the lymphatic return, eliminating edema, alleviating choke;

Enhance blood oxygen concentration;

Improving breath sounds.

Product Feature:

High definition liquid-crystal display, show the whole operation state;

Manual or automobile operation mode, be more convenient and fast;

Independent double circuit design, the realization of dual purpose at simultaneous;

Variety treatment head, satisfied diversity patients and various postural drainage requirement;

The excellent orientation therapy power, the deepness sputum drainage effectiveness;

The integration of airframe design, make the maintenance convenience.

Technical Parameters:

Structural Style——Landing-trolley style

Display Screen——JM19264CLCD

Working Mode——Manual mode or automatic mode

Therapy Head——Five for adult, Four for children

Time Adjustable Range——The treatment duration adjust by digital keep precise in 1 min.

Frequency Adjustable Range——The treatment frequency adjust by digital keep precise in 1 HZ.


Manual Mode Time Setting——1min-60min

Power Module——220V  50HZ

Manual Mode Frequency——10HZ-60HZ

Automatic Mode Operation Program——Softy, Standard, Strength, Super-strength;

Display Style——Double-screen Display


Administrative Office Application

Respiration      medicine\Neurology\Neurosurgery\Cardiology\Cardiac\Surgery\ICU ICCU\Paediatrics\Agedness\Emergency Department\Occupational Medicine

Security Standard:

Security Level——Interior power supply class II, BF type.

Security Standard——EN IEC60601-1(GB9706.1)