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NW-TP01 Physical Property:

Structural Style:line.



Product Brief Introduction:

The product is called disposable body temperature monitor sensor, is adopted for continuing monitor the clinic patient, is avoided the cross infection, also can set with multi-parameter monitor using.

Product Theory:

Norwa disposable body temperature monitor sensor is adopted NTC negative temperature thermistor as temperature sensor, the value of resistance is changing with the temperature as monitoring, take the bridge as inspecting circuit. Aim at being obtained temperature massage after heat-sensitive sensor touch with human body the heat balance incidence, the body temperature circuit driving part working special steady current on heat-sensitive sensor, turn the changing value of the NTC negative temperature thermistor resistance into the date changing of the voltage, then through enlarge\smoothing and base on the software information transferring into the temperature value, as the difference temperature sensor as difference changing mode. The polyurethane film could prevent the thermal radiation affecting the patient body temperature. Soft foam could prevent allergy and remove easily, the embedded design of the sensor make it sticking on the surface steadily. The wire lead used make the air temperature less affection on the patient body.

Product Function:

The type NW-TP01,NW-TP02 is the disposable body temperature monitor sensor which catching the voltage changing caused by the patient body temperature, through enlarge\smoothing\and base on the software changing signal for getting the value, then send to the multi-parameter monitor display.

Product Parameters:

System composition: consist with the connector\signal transmission cable\external member of the cover; it has the body surface and plug-in type;

Temperature range:0℃~50℃;

The margin of error: when it is0℃~25℃,±0.2℃;25℃~45℃,±0.1℃;45℃~50℃,±0.2℃。

Response time: Move the probe from the thermostatic water bath which is 23℃±2℃ to another one which is 44℃±1℃, the probe response time should less 150 second;

Long-term stability:Put the probe in the thermostatic water bath which is 80℃±2℃ at least 96 hours, then cooling it to 25℃, find the margin of error when it is0℃~25℃,±0.2℃;25℃~45℃,±0.1℃;45℃~50℃,±0.2℃;

Insulating property:The core with core, core with the cover which insulation resistance should ≥10MΩ.

Voltage resistance performance:Cores with the shield and the exterior cover will no breakdown and flashover when the situation is 1000V, 0.5mA and last for 1 min.