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Physical Property:

Structural Style:Hand-hold.



Product Brief Introduction:

Used the continued and controllable air pressure in the nasal cavity, the airflow will be passing through the auditory tube when we swallow, so it could make middle ear neat immediately. This equipment is difference with the traditional manual one, which is more complicate and no easy control the airflow.

Product Theory:

The interior air pump could provide the continued and stabled airflow get into the nasal cavity. When the patient swallowed, the air will be passing though the auditory tube, so make the middle ear ventilating. The good result is make the discomfort symptom relaxation.

Product Function:

The equipment could make the secretory otitis media( middle ear hydrops), hearing loss, auditory tube dysfunction, ear painful and ear pressure enlarged caused on the air, allergy\cold\nasosinusitis are causing the ear swell\invaginate\others problem.

Technical Parameter:

Air pressure and flow:

Air Pressure:

Ⅱ grade air pressure: 36kPa,deviation:±10%;

Ⅰgrade air pressure: 20kPa,deviation:±10%;

Air Flow:

Ⅱ grade airflow scale: at most 1650ml/min~2000ml/min;

Ⅰ grade airflow scale: at most 1000ml/min~1300ml/min.