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We came 2nd place in the 4th China Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition of Anhui Province.

 From the 19th-20th Aug, the Committee what organize the 4th China Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition of the Anhui Province finals where have 8 teams competed and 30 enterprises entered. Though the ardent product presented and the experts appraise and elect, our Norwa NW-9002S(with Masimo) win 2nd place, and we will participate in the national finals.

   This year, there are 701 companies and 111 teams registered from the Anhui Province, the whole process has the qualification certification, preliminary contest, intermediary heat, semifinals and finals, our team made it to the finals and got 2nd place. In October, We will attend to the National Finals in Beijing.




(From left side on the screen, the first person  is our CEO, Mr. Fang Jiangxing)      


(The light purple marked is our company.)