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Hefei Norwa Exhibition Style in Shanghai CMEF stage.

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  The 73th session of CMEF(China Medical Equipment Fair) in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center grand opening, the elite in the national medical device industry come in flocks, the first day the visitors flow rate was over 200000, as the domestic enterprise representative, Hefei Norwa Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd was bring 9 series products come on stage and got chasing.

  Picture One
  The first day crowds were around our booth.

  Picture Two:
  Consulted flooded visitors come from all around the world in our booth.

  Picture Three:
  The visitor was consulting the product information by our staff.

  Picture Four
  Alesander Krasavtsev, Ukrainian industry colleague, was interesting about our the newest Depth of Anesthesia Multi-parameter Monitor.

This time we got abundant attention in medical industry, and had a completed end.