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Fetal/Maternal Monitor 10.4 inches NW-2000

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Arteriovenous Impulse Pressure Therapeutic Apparatus Series


Physical Property:

Structural Style: Trolley



Product features:

Intelligent one-key operation, automobile working state;

Convenient and comfortable air sac design;

Dynamic pressure real-time display, easy and clear digital indicator;

Unique pressure induction system, automatic adjustment the pressure;

Bionics theory adoption, simulate with the normal time or by the human body walking;

Unique single air chamber design, make the stress more uniformity;

Continuous feeding circumference even pressure, no pressure wastage.

Technical Parameters:

Engine protection classify: class Ⅱ BF type.

Working mode: mode for leg\foot\aggregative.

Power supply:220V±22V、50Hz±1Hz.

Therapy gasbag:Legs double gasbags, feet double gasbags.

Pressure range:Legs mode:0mmHg~55mmHg,Air inflation time:The single circulation is 60s, which include the 20s gasbag inflation;

Feet mode: 0mmHg~155mmHg, gasbag inflation time: the single circulation is  60s, which include the 20s gasbag inflation and 40s deflation.

Display type: dynamic pressure shown with LCD which dimension is 130*12*6mm.

Brief introduction: 10-25% deaths of daily are caused by the pulmonary embolism yearly,  it means one of the 100 patients will die by the pulmonary embolism. And the pulmonary embolism patient who with the thrombus of lower extremity veins is over 90%,  he 80% pulmonary embolism happens with no signs, but two thirds deaths cases happened just in 30 minutes. Our Arteriovenous Impulse Pressure Therapeutic Apparatus is one of effective way which could reduce the cause of the venous thrombosis  has been proved , also is the effective physical therapy.

Operating principle: NW-2000 Arteriovenous Impulse Pressure Therapeutic Apparatus designed theory is adopting the international developed anti-cork pump technology, put the gasbag on the patient limbs, then connect with the power it begin works.  Though the sleeve band air inflation in 12s will have (45-50)mmHg pressure, there will be pressure the lower limb ankles and cruses evenly, let the blood and lymph go to the limb and near the heart. The patient lower limbs re-full with the ones are 45-48 seconds generally during the evacuation time, while the artery blood-supply will be enhance quickly and release them ischemia effectively. Though the periodic air inflation and exhausting, prompting limbs create the pulse bloodstream, improving lower limbs repenting blood flow velocity and the blood flow slow situation, avoiding the blood coagulation factor aggregation and adhere in the endangium, so that stopping the deep vein microthrombus situation effectively.

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